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Clifton Baseball and Sports for Youths

Clifton Baseball and Sports for Youths was formed in March of 1962. According to the Articles of Incorporation of “Clifton Baseball and Sports for Youths”, adopted on March 24, 1962, the purpose of this organization is to “promote, for the youth of Bosque County, athletic and sporting competition of baseball, softball, and other teen-age sporting events, for and toward promoting sound educational instruction in such events to encourage development of fair-play, character and citizenship in the youth of such community area, and to conduct various events through team competition in such areas of such sporting fields, in competition with teams of other areas as well as in such area of the said Bosque county.”

Teams originally played on two fields by the old football field on the banks of the Bosque River. When this area was outgrown, play was moved to the Spitzer complex which contained three full fields and one t-ball field. That complex was replaced with the current complex after sustaining flood damage. The current complex was completed in 1995 and currently contains nine fields and one t-ball field.

All parents of children involved in Clifton Baseball are members of this organization.

The Clifton Baseball and Sports for Youths organization is based entirely on volunteers. If it were not for the generous donations of time, gifts, and monetary donations, this organization would not survive from year to year. From field maintenance to concession stand workers, gate workers, score keepers, and countless other tasks, the volunteer base is necessary for this group to provide this opportunity for the children of Bosque County. Our recent construction project was made possible in large part by volunteers and donations.

There is currently one sports complex consisting of nine game fields. There are also three batting cages, two concession stands and paved parking for both general admission and handicapped. All fields and surrounding areas are very well manicured.